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Are you losing money on Amazon?

Signs that your Amazon PPC campaigns are failing:

Conversion rates are low
Impressions and CTR (Click Through Rate)Low impressions and CTR across the board
High impressions but short sessions
High ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales, or the percent of attributed sales spent on advertising) relative to your gross margin

Do you want to increase your profit by 2X? High ROI with no fuss! Decreased ACOS by 40%, HOW you ask? Give us Two months and test it.

Why choosing MountAZ for PPC Management is the best option for YOU?

Don’t choose MountAZ for the promises we make or the possibilities we offer but choose MountAZ because we deliver what you are searching for. We are the best Amazon PPC service providers and we take pride in it, our team is backed with experience, research-based analyzed data and up-to-date tools to operate and run profitable Amazon accounts from all over the world.

The most successful way to increase sales and develop a profitable eCommerce business on Amazon is Sponsored Products, however, not everyone understands the fundamentals of this advertising process. Many professional Amazon FBA sellers fail at running PPC for multiple factors including lack of understanding of keywords, choice of campaigns, and ad spending, lack of knowledge in analyzing data.

Our team of experts navigate, optimize, structure, and upgrade the campaigns frequently and implement profit-building solutions every day. We have helped our clients in increasing their sales by 15-20% and brought down the ACOS by 30% within a matter of months.

This does not stop there, our marketing team prioritizes in showcasing your brand visibility through strategic Amazon PPC campaigns building a customer base and repeated order cycle.

What can we do for YOUR Amazon BUSINESS?


Increase ROI Decrease Your Ad Spending


Accurate Keywords Optimization


Build Ads that convert


Target the right Audience

Steps of successful Amazon PPC Campaigns

Before jumping onto the intricate and complex structure that the Amazon A9 algorithm works upon, let’s keep in mind that the basics of it are just like any other search engine which gives the added advantage optimizing it. Pointing out the ways we configure the best ways for building a profitable PPC campaign

What looks good, sells!

Take your customers to a beautiful virtual journey that would make them click “Add to Cart”. The first and most crucial part of online selling is customer experience and bringing that customer to your store and listing but even with all the right efforts in place, the listing falls flat. WHY? Because it’s not optimized with right and converting keywords, the images or description does not correspond to a conversion. Anyone can run PPC campaigns and bring customers to your doorstep but you won’t the doorbell ring. We make sure that the doorbell doesn’t stop ringing and that is why we focus on the listing from 0 to infinity and beyond.

Competitors, here we come

After creating a magical listing, we head for some friendly stalking onto our competitors. Watch and Sell! We analyze the market, the product we and others are selling, the trends that can apply for increasing our sales and find points that others might be missing that we can adapt.  

Devising a Plan & Action

Restructuring a failing PPC campaign is the most exciting work for us, many times we come across people who gave up on Amazon PPC or for that matter the whole idea of Amazon just because their PPC campaigns failed and they lost money. But let me tell you, it can be undone with the right plan in action, A FAILING CAMPAIGN CAN BE FIXED! 

PPC campaigns are manual and automatic and both have success ratios but the timing to which when is what needs to be planned. Data collection from them plays the most important part of the long term success index.

Replay and Avoid

Whenever you run Ads campaigns on any search engine, you take the data from it and analyze what has benefited and what has been disappointed. However, in Amazon PPC campaign’s cases it is proven that even if something disappoints your business, it is not a total loss because you can take that and turn that into profit for the next time. Ads experts call one such thing as ‘negative keywords’ that we can avoid next time we run a campaign.

Hawk Eye Monitoring

Running PPC campaigns may seem an easy job but it is time consuming and it requires a lot commitment and constant monitoring. We take pride in putting all our efforts and dedication to these campaigns and keeping them in check and updated for most profitability and stability. Every day, the Amazon A9 algorithm is evolving and PPC is the center point of its attention and ours too.

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