amazon advertising case study

How we increased amazon advertising sales by 244% in just 3 months.

Amazon Advertising Case Study


US based client, selling a niche product line in Home and Kitchen category on Amazon for over 3 years.

Before MountAZ

We at MountAZ started working with this client in September as an Amazon Advertising Management Agency. In the last 3 months before that, they were generating an average of $10,000 per month from Amazon PPC with an ACoS of about 35%.


In our Advertising Audit, we analyzed the current campaigns structure and advertising reports to strategize an optimization and growth strategy.

The Process

MountAZ amazon advertising team is 100% amazon certified. Our best practice processes are aligned and up-to-date with amazon recommendations and guidelines.


Just by restructuring the amazon advertising account to MountAZ best practices, the sales increased by 65% in the first month with a decrease in ACoS by 18%.

Picking the Winners

As the client has a variety of products (more than 60 SKUs) in the Home and Kitchen category, we analyzed the product pages and selected the products to advertise that had the highest probability of converting.

Advertising Expansion

With many new ad types and targeting options introduced by Amazon, we made sure that the client does not miss out on any expansion opportunities.

Targeting Expansion

We enhanced on targeting keywords, added in product targeting as well as focused on Sponsored Brands to take the amazon advertising performance to the next level, and the numbers just started to ramp up.


290% increase in Daily Orders
244% increase in Monthly Sales

amazon campaign manager screenshot

Amazon Growth Seller Central Screenshot
300% increase in Monthly Profit

Profit Increased by 300%
31.87% Decrease in ACoS

Decrease in ACoS


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