Amazon PPC Keyword Targeting Case Study

1000+ Extra orders, $17,000+ profit, 2.5 million impressions, ZERO new keywords.

Amazon PPC Case Study


Client is a renowned US brand selling in the Toys and Games category on With over 400 ASINs in their Vendor Central inventory, they are one of the top brands selling kids toys in the US.


When your client is already making well over $100,000 per month from Amazon Sponsored ads alone with an ACOS in the low 20s, already practicing all the to-do best practices, growing further with the same inventory can be a challenge.


Although the number of campaigns was not that high, we analyzed each of the Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, and Sponsored Display campaigns. Sponsored Product ads were of both both Auto and Manual types, targeting keywords and products.

The Experiment

Campaigns Analysis

We learned that some Sponsored Product manual campaign were targeting more than 200 keywords. And not all of these keywords were generating impressions.

Keywords Breakdown

Digging deep we segregated keywords from the ad groups into two sections based on performance. To separate keywords that were not getting any impressions.

Filtering Keywords

We further filtered out keywords that were not relevant for the product being advertised. All of the no impression keywords were now being paused.

New Campaign

We created a new campaign with all of the keywords that had zero impressions, advertising the same product, bidding the same value as before against the same match type as before.


First 45 days of the new campaign.


2.5+ M



The Real Numbers

Amazon Advertising screenshot of the new campaign with date range of first 45 days.

amazon ppc case study result screenshot


The A9 algorithm only considers the first few keyword that get engagements in a campaign to be relevant for the advertising product. So, as an optimization strategy, it is a good practice to review the impression-less keywords in Amazon PPC campaigns. Setting up new campaigns with the same keywords can bring fruitful results as it was the case for our Toys brand in this Amazon PPC case study focused on keyword targeting.


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