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MountAZ Becomes 100% Amazon Certified

In News by Ahtsham Rana

We at MountAZ pride ourselves in learning and keeping up-to-date with everything Amazon. Hence, we have a 100% Amazon Accredited team.

Amazon Certifications Update

Amazon has recently launched dedicated certifications for Advertising Agencies, and as we have set a 100% benchmark set for us, Team MountAZ has passed all the new certificates as well as renewed our previously passed Amazon certifications.

List of Amazon Certificates

Team MountAZ has been accredited with the following Amazon Certificates.

  • Amazon Retail for Advertisers Accreditation
  • Amazon Advertising Planning and Strategy
  • Amazon Advertising Programmatic Campaigns
  • Sponsored Ads Accreditation
  • Amazon DSP Campaigns Accreditation

Why Amazon Accreditation Matter

Amazon for sellers and marketers is an ever changing platform with new updates, beta releases, and guidelines being rolled out in every quarter.

Staying up-to-date with Amazon is the foundation to succeed on the platform. In order to help our clients grow and scale their Amazon Ecommerce business, we dedicate ourselves to learning and growing our knowledge base.

Amazon Certificates are Only a Foundation

Although getting accredited by Amazon is the best start, it is only a foundation on which we build our up-to-date knowledge base and data driven best practices.

We at MountAZ continuously partner up with our clients to conduct Amazon Case Studies to discover insightful opportunities to go above and beyond in this competitive marketplace.